Aluminum Pool Fence

We are a wholesale company supplying pool fencing to all over Australia. Our pool fence panels are 100% Australian approved as per NATA LATEST test report 1926.1- 2012. Aluminium pool fencing will not only increase the safety and security for your kids or neighbor kids but will also significantly increase the value of your house and outdoor entertainment area. People prefer Aluminium pool fencing rather than Steel Fencing and is becoming very popular lately as you know that material steel is enemy to Pool area being salt water in the pool.

Security fence

Our security fence panels are made out of steel as per Australian Standard AS 1163-1991 Structural steel hollow sections. Our material meets all the relevant clauses in this standard while manufacturing and has passed the test as stipulated in this standard. However all cares has been taken care off while manufacturing our panels. All welding is done as per Australian Standard AS 1167.1-1993 : Welding and brazing - Filler metals - Filler metal for brazing and braze welding.

Glass Fencing

Complete Frameless Glass is the solution for your Pool area or Balcony if you don’t want to impact the view of your backyard or your house. Our high quality Frameless glass pool fencing will upgrade your house with lavishly living and increase value of your house. Elegant solution to providing a safe outdoor area around the pool is Frameless glass pool fencing. It is a sophisticated, safe, strong, low maintenance without hindering the view. You will not be disappointed with our products as we are the best installer and we know what your needs are. So come and visit us or call us today and find the difference from others.

AC Sliding Gate motor

Auto Gates and Fencing offers wide range of Sliding Gate Openers for commercial, Industrial and domestic industry for the last 20 years. However we also supply solar gate motors. for more details please see appropriate sections We are also partners with world best known Italian Brand FAAC which has been known for more than 65 years in this gate operators industry. Ring us today to find the most economical solutions for your projects.

Solar DC Sliding Gate motor

Auto Gates and Fencing specializes in solar gate sliding gate motors. We choose the best and we supply the best combination of solar powered gate motors. Our 30W solar panels with 30AH Battery with strong control panels makes the system best operational with DC gate motor. However talk to us as we can supply many other combinations for your solar system and also there could be many other types of accessories for access control system you might be interested in. Give us a call and find out yourself.

Solar Swing gate motors

Solar swing gate DC 24V motors with 30W solar panel and 30AH Battery storage makes the system operational even if it is not sunny for few days. However we have additional charger that you can plug in in case it is pouring everyday and no sun even for one month. Our system does not consume power in standby mode as it cuts off the power from the receiver which comes into operational once the remote button is pressed. That means longer life for the battery and solar panels. The Solar panel comes with stand and sealed all around from rain. Give us call to find out more about our solar gate motors. .

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These guys helped me just after one of installer let us down and we called this company just before Christmas and they helped us straight way in finishing the job in a very professional way the job was finished. Thanks to Auto Gates and Fencing and I highly recommend them to anyone without any hesitation.

Pooyan Sajjadi

Auto Gates and Fencing assured and given us guarantee that their material will never rust on Glass spigots. It is now 4 years that they have installed the job for us. We are so pleased with their professionalism as the job was completed in time and no signs or rust on spigots and the whole job look as new even after 4 years. We highly recommend Auto Gates and Fencing. Cheers guys.

Jignesh Singh

We were recommended by one of the magazine publisher to use this company for Security Fence for our school. The whole job was about 450LM with automatic sliding gates. The job was completed on time with fabulous workmanship on fence and gates. Highly recommend to everyone. Have a lovely day.

Leela Crossan
Western Sydney