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Double Rail Pool Fence Panels 100% Certified by Australian Standards

This gives an elegant view across your pool fence as it comes with an extra rail 100mm below the top rail. The panels are much stronger and easy to install. All approved as per Australian Standard AS 1926.1 -2012. All panels are completely Chromate converted and then powder coated. Guaranteed for powder coating for 10 years. No one can beat us for quality and price.

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Double Top Rail Aluminum Pool Fence


We powder coat all the panels in your preferred colour in our own powder coat factory. Consult our expert since we can help you choose one from the list of standard powder coat colours.

All options are available at the most reasonable rates. However, there’s a range of special colours that might require a small extra charge. If you have any queries regarding our powder coating process, please call us.

If you decide on choosing a height more than 1200 mm, our experts recommend a mid-rail. This helps in increasing the strength of the panels. However, we can alter the position of the mid-rail to suit your preference.

The quote you will get from us will be all-inclusive. We always offer a tailored solution to fit your budget, your property and to meet your requirements. The shrouds aka brackets are not usually included in the price. Rather, these can be bought separately.

Selecting an Aluminium Pool Fence

There is an extensive range of choices available. When shopping for a pool fence, it’s a good idea to speak with one of our fencing contractors about the range of designs we have to offer. Our fencing contractors do have an excellent range of choices. when it comes to dealing with safety issues, we will also provide invaluable on-site advice without compromising design values. In any situation, aluminium pool fences are simply the better option.


Aluminium pool fences are the better option over the steel made alternatives. This is because these entail no such problems as steel fencing.

Why Aluminum Fence

Safe and Sturdy, Reliable And Rust Resistant

Light Weight

The weight of aluminium is about 1/3rd of the weight of steel of the same size and shape.

Rust Proof

Aluminium is low-maintenance, not vulnerable to corrosion, and will not rust.

Water And Sunlight Proof

Aluminium is very suitable for pool fencing. It can easily deal with harsh sun, torrential rain as well as sea salt.

Colour Stability

The aluminium powder coating assures excellent long-term colour stability.

Chromate Converted and Then Powder Coated

All panels are Chromate converted and then powder coated. The powder coating is guaranteed for 10 years. Chromate conversion coating or alodine coating is a type of conversion coating. This is used to passivate cadmium, copper, silver, titanium, magnesium, steel, aluminium, zinc, and tin alloys.

The coating plays a crucial role as a corrosion inhibitor. It works as a primer that enhances the adherence of paints and adhesives as a decorative finish. Also, it preserves the electrical conductivity apart from providing some resistance to abrasion as well as light chemical attack.

Chromate conversion coatings are usually applied to items such as screws, hardware and tools. They usually pass on a distinctively shimmering, greenish-yellow colour to white or grey metals. The coating is made of a complex composition including chromium salts, as well as a complex structure.

The process is often called alodine coating, a term used specifically in reference to the trademarked Alodine process. Read our blogs to know more.


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