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Get rid of the stress of ensuring the safety and security of your property by installing gate openers. Install the new age automatic gate openers in the property that is easy to install and convenient to operate. These automated gates offer an additional layer of security to the premise. We are the leading suppliers and installers of high-grade automatic gate openers in Australia. And we are offering service for several years. Our company supplies top quality products made up of high-quality metals that are tough. These gates and gate openers are weather-resistant and offer protection throughout the year

At Auto Gates and Fencing Our service and product range feature gate openers, automatic gates, swing gates, sliding gates, gate accessories, solar gate motors, fencingglass fencing, security fencing, flat top fencing, double rail fencing, rod top fencing, fencing accessories, metal fencing, pool fencing, level spear top fencing, and much more.

Types of Gate Openers That We Sell


When it comes to under-gate Jack operators, these generally control the gate by directly moving the pivot point of each gate leaf. This makes the unit cosmetically ideal while this also allows for up to 180 degrees of leaf swing as needed. The thing to note is that controlling the pivot point of the gate is just like you are opening a door by twisting the hinge. That is why it becomes very difficult because of the loads required at that moment.

This is highlighted with snap since the gate has to be changed directly, as soon as possible. That is why these seem to be only suitable for the ‘Domestic’ systems or in a low abuse environment. Another crucial thing to consider regarding the use of under-gate units is the water immersion/ingress and the warranty voidance. When the water table is high or if the drainage of the foundation box of the unit is inadequate throughout the systems life, then the chance of water ingress as well as unit failure is increased.

Generally, ram or link arm units are simpler to set up and maintain. These are visible to ignorant abuse. Also, since they are fixed down along each gate leaf, they come with an apparent and major, mechanical advantage over the Jacks. That means Rams are way more suitable for the Multi-user & commercial systems. Also, the manual release is always above ground which often makes it more user friendly in terms of operation.


When small space is a concern or the driveway behind the gate is on a sudden incline, no other option is as handy as a sliding gate. Sliding gates are especially very popular in commercial environments because it saves a lot of space. Sliding gate openers are also used for cantilever gate systems.


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