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Enhance the level of security in the property by installing Level Spear Top Fencing. These are suitable for the application in residential, commercial, or industrial sites where high security is required. These are highly durable and from us, you can get a custom solution for your level spear top fencing.

At Auto Gates and Fencing, our service range and product range features gate openers, automatic gates, swing gates, sliding gates, gate accessories, solar gate motors, fencingglass fencing, security fencing, flat top fencing, double rail fencing, rod top fencing, fencing accessories, metal fencing, pool fencing, level spear top fencing, and much more.


The premium black crimped spear top fencing is our heavy-duty powder-coated fencing range. And this is perfect for commercial security fencing, as well as residential boundary fencing or school security fencing. Our black security fencing is available in galvanized steel. We only sell the best quality black security fencing. And that is why our black crimped spear top is the most popular choice for securing your school or commercial yard.

Our Protector Aluminium boundary and garden spear top fence panels feature a powder-coated aluminium construction. This is designed not to rust and to last longer. The panels feature a 4-point weld system that makes sure it stays light and strong.

Protector Aluminium boundary and garden fence panels are backed by a product warranty and a warranty on powder coating.

Other profiles, sizes as well as colours are available. For more information – call us. Prices will vary according to profile, size and selected colour. From us, you will get fully tailored solutions as per your requirements and budget.


How to Install

Want to know how to install one of our black security fencing panels in a crimped spear top? Well, these panels are heavy duty. Added labour will be required while carrying and installing the solid Security Fencing – Black Crimped Spear Top Panels.

All of our black security-fencing panels are professionally powder coated in black. The panel is made from a solid galvanized steel frame. And it features pressed spear tops for security. Not only are our black security panels in the crimped spear top of the premium quality. But also these are available at an amazingly affordable price!!

While these are heavy, you can fully rely on our professional team of installers. We have years of experience in the business and have accomplished many of these projects before. A safe, precise, and enduring installation is guaranteed with us.

Why Use Powder Coated Steel for Fencing  

Highly Durable – Powder coating boosts the durability of the steel. It helps the frame to deal with the damages better and last longer.

Corrosion-Resistant – While moisture and humidity can cause metal frames to rust, added powder coating can help deal with it. When applied to steel, powder coating works as a protective barrier and prevents corrosion.

Chip-Resistant – Contrasting the other regular treatments that tend to crack, scratch, peel, chip, and corrode, powder-coated steel frames are more durable. This can withstand the environment better when compared to other alternatives.

No Maintenance – It is highly durable and resistant to abrasion and corrosion. That is why powder-coated steel requires little to no maintenance.

Long-Lasting Finish and Colors – Powder coating provides a hard layer on the steel that is tougher than any conventional paint. That is why colours stay brighter longer than other procedures.

Environmentally Friendly – The powder coating process has no bad impact on the environment. It has no harmful solvents in it and does not emit vapours or fumes, unlike other liquid paints.


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