In most of the households in Australia, the homeowners build swimming pools. It adds to the beauty of the property and acts as a great place for enjoying some good exercise. But, having children around would call for ensuring their safety and managing the security. Hence, many of the homeowners install fences around the pool area. The rod top fencing is a perfect choice for securing children from getting into the swimming pool all alone. It acts as a perimeter surrounding the swimming pool having a single opening space.

Rod top white fencing
Aluminium rod top pool fence

2400mm wide x 1200mm high Rod top fence panels

We supply these rod top fences to our clients all over the country. We are the leading suppliers and installers of the fences offering quality service. Our team of professionals would reach out to the clients in a short span of time and install the fences conveniently. We have been in the field for several years and have products delivered at ease. The quality of the rod top fences is supreme due to the use of high quality material. This metallic fence is the ideal choice for the pool area in a residential property.