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Enhance the level of security in the property by positioning sliding gates with our high-quality motors. These are suitable for application in residential, commercial, or industrial sites where high security is demanded. These gates run smoothly and perform effectively due to the high-power sliding gate motors attached to them. These motors are of high power and enable in moving the gate to and from. Access premium quality sliding gate motors from our company. We supply and install the motors rendering service throughout Australia. The motors are suitable for continuing the function of the sliding gate.

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Choose the Right Sliding Gate Opener with Us

Weight of Gate: Keep the overall weight of the gate in mind while determining the type of gate operator required. Generally, the wider and taller the gate, the heavier it is. However, the weight of similar-sized gates will weigh differently depending on the material they are made of. Whether they are constructed of steel, aluminium or wood will determine their weight and the choice of their gate motor. Allowance should also be considered for any increase in weight because of the accumulations of rain, snow, or ice on the surface of the gate.

Opening and Closing Speed: Also, consider the speed while choosing your sliding gate motor. Different applications will need different speeds for opening and closing. Slow opening speeds can be alright in residential and in certain commercial applications, but they may not be acceptable in high-volume industrial applications. For example: at a distribution centre or airport. When too slow, opening speeds can lead to traffic backups and frustration. On the other hand; when too slow; closing speeds can encourage “tailgating” as well as other security violations.

Duty Cycle: While selecting an automatic gate operator, think about the number of times the gate will be opened and closed each day. There are certain types of gate motors that are designed for residential use. And they may only be meant to be cycled a dozen times or less a day. These types of gate operators are likely to fail quickly in an industrial environment. This is because here the gate is cycled countless times per hour, per day, or yearly basis.

Gate Construction: You can’t simply add a gate operator to a gate originally designed for manual operation. That will be a big mistake. If you want to install a motor, your sliding gate should be specifically designed for automatic operation. Usually, you will need special types of rollers, bearings, and other hardware to make your sliding gate work reliably with an automatic gate operator. This might seem to be a big investment but it will pay you off in the long run.

The other factors you should consider while choosing your sliding gate motor are weather conditions, location, electrical Power, etc. If you still have any confusion, book an expert consultation today!


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